Saturday, August 30

Note to Caroline-Off the Subject of Gardening 2014 update

I don't know about Maine, but rents have skyrocketed here. Portland's a popular place with people moving here from other parts of the country constantly. I think I know 2 people that are born and raised here. Everyone else is from somewhere else. I mentioned rents because I have decided to keep my business at my current NE Broadway location. It is a short 20 minute walk from my house and is a great area.

I am very excited about the balcony that is attached to my treatment room. and the prospect of gardening on it. It is shady, but has lots of possibilities. I just got confirmation that a London garden design company will be providing ideas for the design of the balcony soon. I am hoping to start blogging about the project soon. One major business project I have been working on is re-designing my website and adding my new Ayurveda Services. You can check it out here

One of my treatment rooms

Here is the balcony attached to it
Talking of Ayurveda, I graduated from the school I have been going to in Rhode Island for the past 2 years. I am now an Ayurveda Health Counselor. I can now do treatments like Abhyanga which is like a massage, but involves the application of warm oils to the body in long soothing strokes. I will be adding Shirodhara soon. That is the treatment that you might have seen pictures of  where warm oil is dripping from a pot onto someones forehead. I can't wait! I am also doing health consultations with people that are not feeling well.

My focus is on women with fibromyalgia, depression, chronic fatigue and anxiety. I like doing these consultations because I can not only do them in person, but on the phone/skype. Here is a link to my school in Rhode Island, the Seaside Academy of  Massage and Ayurveda.

View from my school, Seaside Academy of Massage and Ayurveda

Here is my class

My mom came to visit a few months ago from Michigan. She just retired at at age 75. She has been busy setting up her new Reiki business. I was able to help her to re-design her website too. Yes, it has been a busy summer with all these internet projects. Here are some photos of her visit and a link to her business for you to take a peak at what she is up to.

One of the many waterfalls we visited during her trip

RC and Chloe are doing fine. RC is obsessed with the goats next door and monitors their every move. I made a video of the goats. They are not scared of him and I think they think he is a strange little white goat. There are 9 of them that live next door. I love the fact that I can weed and throw the weeds over the fence for them to eat. They are more picky than I would have thought. They were not too crazy about my beans, but loved the leaves. I have been practicing making videos as we discussed trying to incorporate our own videos with the blog. Well, there is tons more to update you on, but this post is getting way too long. Here is the video on the goats.


Tuesday, August 26

The Gardens of Hamilton House Part 1

Nestled in the small town of South Berwick in Southern Maine, not far at all from the New Hampshire border, is one of the prettiest gardens in these parts-the gardens of Hamilton House.

On a recent visit, I couldn't help but take photo after photo of the beauty of this spot: from the house itself to the formal gardens, to the smaller cottage garden, to the stunning view of the Salmon Falls River.
I'm so excited to share this garden with you in this series of posts so those of you too far to visit can take a virtual tour. For those of you within driving distance, this is a must see destination for garden fanciers.
I love the tiger lilies in this perennial border. We visited at a time when the blooms were stunning, drawing the attention of many butterflies.
This is a view looking down through the formal gardens to the cottage in the distance. 
    It's a great place for both humans and dogs to take a walk.
Another perennial border overflowing with ageratum and black-eyed Susans.
This is the quaint walled garden outside the cottage. It's filled with all sorts of lovely plantings. In this little garden, I always feel as though I've stepped back into another century.

Part II coming soon........

Tuesday, August 19

Pumpkins in August-Portland Garden Album Update

On the way to my Community Garden is a street arbor made from a tree and telephone pole. 

Another tree lawn planted with sunflowers

Here is a pumpkin from the community bed

My kale. I am working on adding vegetables that will over winter

An exotic tomato my neighbor Carol is growing

Another tomato my neighbor is growing. It looks black in color

Moths are already eating my cabbage 

The tomatoes are growing very close to the ground this year

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